Work Packages

5 research areas

The key areas to achieve reduced emissions from aviation have been identified and subsequently transformed into research areas. In CESTAP the following research areas will be considered:
Work Package 1

Development and maintenance of the pre-certification test bed

This WP is hosted by LTH and includes three PhD students, with the task of establishing and operatin...
Work Package 2

Development of turbine fuels from sustainable feedstocks including lignocellulose

The research within WP2 involves Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering LTH, RISE Research I...
Work Package 3

Mutual adaptation of turbine fuel and engine technology

WP3 aim to identify combustion chamber concepts suitable for aviation and stationary gas turbines th...
Work Package 4

Material Sciences

WP4 involve collaboration between Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering (LTH), RISE Researc...
Work Package 5

Holistic techno-economic and sustainability analysis

WP5 aims to provide a comprehensive economic and environmental assessment of SAF production routes, ...

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