Continuous combustion engines are indispensable for future energy systems since they are used in aviation and for peak-load and backup power generation. CESTAP is following a roadmap towards a fossil-free 2045:

The vision of CESTAP is to transform the aviation and power generation sectors to run continuous combustion engines on 100% sustainable turbine fuels.

In addition, the focus is on sustainable turbine fuels from raw material readily available in Sweden, to achieve security of supply. CESTAP will become the first large national initiative with the aim at developing 100% fossil-free fuels for aviation and power generation within 10 years.

Organisation of CESTAP

The mission of CESTAP is to establish the leading centre for research related to sustainable turbine fuels in Europe, with a specific focus on the Swedish prerequi-sites in terms of feedstock for future fuels. Taking regulatory and industrial needs into account we aim at building methods, processes and knowledge that enable production, evaluation and use of high-performance sustainable turbine fuels for 100% fossil free aviation and power generation. Novel synthesis routes of fuels from biomass will be developed, and a test-bed will be set up for evaluation of new sustainable fuels. The main focus will be on fuels from feedstock available in Sweden, but the test-bed will be suitable for the evaluation of all types of turbine fuels, potentially including e-fuels, synthetic fuels, and solar fuels.

CESTAP will include three principal academic partners, Lund University, LU, Luleå University of Technology, LTU, and Research institutes of Sweden, RISE, that will carry out the majority of the research and work closely together with the companies and public partners to complete the value-chain from research to utilization. Lund University is the coordinating partner, with the Department of Energy Sciences taking the leading role.

CESTAP includes 26 companies and public partners with an interest to move towards use of non-fossil, sustainable fuels. The partners cover a wide range of businesses and operation, some in the forefront of the transition whilst other are just starting their work towards a fossil-free operation. The complexity of the challenge is such that no partner can take this on singlehandedly, but a collective effort, drawing on the different competencies, capacities, and experiences, is necessary.


The CESTAP roadmap towards a fossil-free 2045 is illustrated in the timeline below.
Detailed WP plan
Test-bed demonstrated
First bio-fuel in test bed
First CESTAP fuel in test bed
50% drop-in lignin based fuel
First lignin-based flight
100% fossil-free fuel, lignin based
Fossil free fuels for gas turbines and aviation are commercially available

Work Packages

The project is divided into Work Packages, out of which 1-5 are the technical core of the project. Click READ MORE for a short summary about each technical WP.

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