Work Package 1

Development and maintenance of the pre-certification test bed

This WP is hosted by LTH and includes three PhD students, with the task of establishing and operating the pre-certification testbed. In addition, there is close collaboration with other research projects, enhancing the collective capability. The research in WP1 aims to advance understanding and capability in sustainable fuels and combustion processes through experimental and computational studies, with a focus on refining mechanisms and validating models for improved fuel evaluation and combustion efficiency. Experimental facilities in the testbed include:

  • Small high-pressure laminar flame speed test facility, upgraded to allow pre-evaporation of liquid fuels.
  • Atmospheric conditions combustion test facility: Including the gas turbine type CECOST burner and the aviation engine type Triple Annular Research (TARS) burner.
  • DESS high-pressure test facility: Currently undergoing refurbishment, focusing on replacing central parts like the compressor and air pre-heater.
  • Jet engine test facility: the RM15 engine for full scale fuel testing did in the end of 2023 become operational in the Jet Engine Lab in Ljungyhed.

The experimental test bed is in all parts combined with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation studies emplying chemical kinetic mechanism of the fuel chemistry. Chemical kinetics studies aim to refine mechanisms for CFD, focusing on heavy hydrocarbons and surrogate mechanisms for various fuels. CFD studies during 2023 have investigated flame properties of configurations from the literature, to allow comparison of combustion dynamics for different fuels and operating conditions. Specifically, simulations of the Cambridge and Timecop burners provide insights into flame behavior and combustion processes for various fuels under different conditions. Laser-based diagnostics aid in characterizing fuel and flame dynamics, with simulations showing qualitative agreement with experimental observations.

Figure WP1. (a) Small high pressure laminar flame speed test facility, together with two different examples, (b) and (c), of laminar flame images.

Work Package leader

Mattias Richter
Work Package leader, WP1, Professor at Combustion Physics, Lund University
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