Focus on sustainability

Augusti 2023

Holistic techno-economic and sustainability analysis

The techno-economic and sustainability analysis quantifies costs in the full value chain, from feedstock to engine, and the environmental impact from a life-cycle perspective. Within CESTAP researchers at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Luleå University of Technology will perform analyses, guided by information from industrial partners and the technical outcome of the project.

Important environmental factors evaluated include feedstock sustainability, fuel production emissions and engine emissions. In addition to carbon dioxide-induced global warming, a second concern is formation of contrails due to emissions of particles and water vapour, which should be taken into account in the climate impact assessment. The overall cost-efficiency is influence by factors such as feedstock cost, fuel production and distribution and potential engine modifications as well as engine fuel efficiency.


Sennai A. Mesfun
Work Package leader, WP5, Researcher, RISE, Sweden
Hilde Skar Olsen
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